References and endorsements
The following are extracts from typical testimonial references. 

“This was by far the best course and the most memorable experience of all of the development courses I’ve done over my professional career.  The course included an excellent combination of learning through presentations of course materials (models), discussions, experiential team activities, constant feedback and social interaction. 


The experiential activities were challenging, intense and exposing but fun; they were very cleverly crafted to draw out valuable messages and lessons through unconventional learning.  The course models taught us to use common tools and “speak the same language”. As a course presenter, Rick is clear, thoughtful and organised.  He has a very pleasant, friendly personal style that ensures acceptance and a positive learning experience.


Dealing with Rick has been a pleasure. He is enthusiastic, committed and very professional”.

“I have had a strong working relationship with Rick Dobbie over five years for the conduct of our leadership development program. I am fortunate to have had the same facilitator in Rick since the inception of this program which I believe is essential to its strength. I have found him to be a great educator and mentor. We have worked closely over this five-year period to ensure the program is continuously improved and maintains its effectiveness. Rick has always been flexible and works tirelessly to develop the best outcomes given his busy international schedule.


Rick's amazing experience and background lends itself so well and his strong interpersonal skills and ability to engage every audience is unparalleled, in my opinion. Rick Dobbie is one of the best in this business and I strongly recommend him to any potential client”.

“I can honestly say that this was the best course I have ever done.  It was truly a life changing experience. 


The course was a mixture of classroom and practical activities. The classroom sessions were very well run with continual participation required, which kept everyone involved.  Rick and his team made sure that everyone remained engaged without you noticing it.  The practical or experiential sessions were absolutely amazing.  Each experience was well designed, exciting, stressful, sometimes frustrating and taught us some key aspects of what we had been taught in the classroom. The experiential sessions dovetailed into each other perfectly and culminated in a final challenge which was absolutely nerve wracking and tested our abilities to the fullest.  Each session whether classroom or experiential had very good props and aides to assist in the learning process.  Everything from music to movies were used in the classroom and during the experiential lessons many well designed pieces of equipment and props were used to aid in us getting the full picture. 


The experiential sessions were well organised and safely conducted with very good supervision and control. They were dynamic enough that when people deviated too far they could bring them back on track.  There seemed to be contingencies for everything that occurred even when we tested the boundaries.


The course was an unforgettable experience.


If I have the opportunity to either attend or organise a similar course, my first choice would be Rick Dobbie”.