A Typical ledVenture Journey

“Journeys for the Journey within”

SAFAR ledVenture journeys are bespoke and custom designed to meet the specific requirements of the client participant group.

This is an illustration of a typical ledVenture journey:

In September 1882 a French explorer, Dr. P. Neis was asked to undertake an expedition to survey the Moi tribes who lived in the north-eastern region of what was then known to Europeans as “Cochinchina”, that region of Vietnam bordering the South China Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. On his arrival in Singapore he received a letter suggesting a more far ranging objective; to explore what is now modern day Laos and specifically the territories between Luang Prabang and Tonkin.

Following in Dr Neis’ footsteps by elephant. (Photo by SAFAR Photography)

Neis departed Kratie near Phnom Penh on 23rd December and sailed up the Mekong River. His journey included an eight-month sojourn in Luang Prabang where he used his time there to explore by elephant, packhorse and on foot the surrounding region, including the Nam Khan River up to the village of Xieng Ngeun.

On the 11th October, 1883 he left Luang Prabang by bamboo raft to further survey the Nam Khan and reached as far as Nam Sae two weeks later.

We will retrace Dr Neis’ footsteps in an eight-day workshop exploring the region in the same way and studying the lessons to be derived in leader and leadership development and working together in a team and how they might be applied to our own leadership and teamwork capability.

Henri Mouhot’s grave beside the Nam Khan River. (Photo by SAFAR Photography)

We’ll take time out too to visit the grave of another French explorer, Henri Mouhot, the “re-discoverer” of legendary Angkor Wat.

“Re-live the footsteps of an historic French explorer of the 19th century, following tranquil streams and passing through dense jungle in an original authentic style whilst staying in luxury tents with breathtaking views.”

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