SAFAR Environmental Statement

SAFAR travels to and conducts programs in a number of remote and very special places. Promoting awareness and committing to the preservation of the environment and wildlife conservation are cornerstones of SAFAR policy.

Our approach means that when we travel to these remote and often unspoiled destinations we have in place procedures that enable us to conduct all our activities with the highest standards of preservation and conservation. Our objective is to allow participants to experience these fragile regions while minimizing any potentially harmful impact on wildlife and natural habitats. SAFAR promotes biodiversity and heritage assets by applying best practice in benefit sharing and sustainable use.

We are unwaveringly dedicated to minimizing our effect on the areas we visit.

“Take only memories. Leave nothing but footprints”

Chief Seattle

Rhinoceros in Botswana

Rhinoceros in Botswana (Photograph by SAFAR Photography)


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