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ledVenture = leadership education, venture travel.


SAFAR LedVenture journeys are actual experiential journeys and encounters involving travel to selected destinations. The concept combines the unique experiences of adventure travel with inspirational experiential learning for leadership and teamwork development.


LedVenture programs include small group treks, larger land based expeditions and journeys and cruises that are designed to augment and enhance private group and corporate training requirements by embracing unique environments and the opportunities provided by experiential travel.



“I soon realized that no journey carries one far unless, as it extends into the world around us, it goes an equal distance into the world within.”
Lillian Smith


ledSport = leadership education for sports teams


In perhaps no other field is great leadership and teamwork more explicitly necessary than in sports teams and success or the lack of it more apparent and immediate.


Together with the technical and tactical aspects of success both on or off the field, leadership and teamwork are critical to ultimate accomplishment. SAFAR offers programs and workshops specifically designed and developed to build high performance sporting teams.


SAFAR combines the broader concepts and models/tools that are core to the other programs to focus on specific sporting team’s requirements. As well as individual and group leadership development and teambuilding and teamwork, coaching and game planning techniques are integral to the SAFAR ledSport programs.



ledCaseStudies = leadership education case studies


LedCaseStudies do not involve travel to select locations. Participants instead are engaged in virtual journeys/situations based on historical and current scenarios.


Our ledCaseStudies programs include in depth Video/DVD and primary resource material as well as role play.


Participants are guided through scenario analysis and appreciation in order to derive relevant lessons. At the conclusion of the program presentations are made of the major lessons drawn through individual and

sub-group research.


Details of current programs can be supplied on application. New ledCaseStudies and scenarios can also be developed specific to client and we are happy to discuss your ideas.

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